PageConnect Assistant Software Download Link (re-install)

Download the PageConnect Assistant softwareClick to Download

If you get a new computer, update to a new OS (like Windows 10), or somehow have removed the software from the computer, you need to re-install the PageConnect Software. Download and install this PageConnect Assistant software on any computer that is on the same network as the copier.

  • Call us for an appointment if you are not comfortable installing software on your computer, we are happy to help.
  • If you have an IT  network person, this is the link for them.

If you are using Internet Explorer, the download may look like the following. Click the Run button and click Ok to any security warnings to install the program.

If you are using a different browser (ie. Chrome, Firefox etc.)  the download may look like the following. Save the file on your hard drive and make a note of where you save it, so you can run the .exe program. Click Ok to any security warnings to install the program.

After the software installs, click next on the Welcome screen to get to the following screen.  Fill in the fields that are blank with the information that is on your ABC Office Machines "cheat sheet".  Contact us if you would like us to email you a copy of your information.

Treat everything as Case Sensitive when entering the information on the form.

Administrator Name: = Username
Sub-Account Registration Key: = SCOT ID
Copy and paste sometimes doesn't work for entering the sub-account, just type it in.

Sample info

Click Next > and follow the rest of the menus to finish the install. Last step is synchronization.


To access the Synchronize area, click the Synchronize button in the left navigation pane of the application.

The Synchronize area allows you to synchronize data between the application and Xerox Services Manager.

Go to the left navigation pane, and choose Synchronize Now.

If you have any problems, please give us a call.

Alternatively you can reach PageConnect tech support at 888-892-6483.