Your eConcierge Account

Welcome to the Kelley Imaging Family,

With ABC’s merge into Kelley Imaging Systems, your eConcierge account will be moving over to the Kelley storefront. You have not lost any of your earned rewards and your service will remain the same. You will be invoiced for orders and will have the option to pay the invoice by check or credit card. We would like to assist you in a smooth conversion to Kelley.  You keep your existing user name and password.

The steps to this process are:
1.      Open the Supplies Assistant application that you have on all your computers that have the application installed.
2.      Remove each printer by right-clicking on the printer line and selecting “Remove Device”. After providing the password for the account. The printer will be removed. If there are any open orders, then we need to wait for the order to clear first.
3.      Repeat step two above until all printers have been removed.
4.      Go into the Supplies Assistant folder on each computer and select the “uninstall.exe” to remove the application.
5.      Once the printers have been removed and the Supplies Assistant has been removed, follow the link below to register and set up a new account with Kelley. You will be able to use the same user id and password.

New Customer Registration Link:

Please contact eConcierge support 1-866-852-4352, or email Xerox eConcierge Support at if you need any assistance with the transition.

We appreciate and value your business.